Candid Curls

Simplifying your hair routine with our sulphate, paraben and silicone free products. Suitable for curl types 2a - 4c.

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Less is more

Created for textured hair, by textured hair, you can be sure that our products will always remain plant-derived, vegan and bring out the very best of your hair.

  • Hair growth

    Our Glow 'n' Grow duo is a best seller! Our Moisturiser provides your scalp with the very best hydrating ingredients to help encourage hair growth. Massage some of our Moisturiser in circular motions on your scalp for 1-2 minutes, then follow through with the Liquid Gold Growth oil. This can be done once a day for maximum results.

  • Scalp concerns

    Maintaining a healthy scalp should always be factored into your hair routine. If you're struggling with a dry, flaky scalp, try our Hibiscus Powdered shampoo! It's texture allows for a subtle, cleansing exfoliation on the scalp. With its gentle ingredients, it will not strip the scalp of its natural oils, preventing excessive dryness.

  • Definition

    If you're looking for a great hold without the crunchy feel, our Curling Custard has got you covered! As a lightweight gel with incredible slip, it coats the hair follicle evenly allowing it to manage frizz without the 'crunch'. Apply the Curling Custard to wet hair only for the best results. It can also be used with our Moisturiser for the best definition as part of our Essential Care bundle.

  • Moisture retention

    Our Moisturiser is the new staple item you need. Whilst its' great for encouraging hair growth, it also gained its name from its excellent hydration properties. With its lightweight formula, it melts on contact and is easily absorbed into the hair follicle making it non-comedogenic and non greasy.